Aria Industry Designers Eng. Co.

Consisting of management staff and Engineering Design Arjan company DSP rad, now, in continue and with increasing experience, Manufacturing activity in the past 15 years, nowadays in addition to the design, construction and commissioning, different product lines in the industry, pharmaceutical, food and chemical plants, cement manufacturing also carried out

Aria Company Staff

With ample experience in cement plant , including cement- Kurdistan province - Golestan - Sabzevar - Save - PA - Drab - Hegmatan – Bushehr such as silos, air slides , air lifts ,shots and other equipment required by the project and gulf cement is also being done

Aria Company

In continue manufacture of machine tools activity in their optimization plan Pharmaceutical industry machinery and Sync technology world with the domestic industry is following, in this way we hope that over the next few years to achieve this important find, now Cautery device optimized tablet Mnsty the former with a copy of the plans were carried out from 1990 to 1985 Mansty, nowadays, considerable progress has had and in addition to anti spark system and automatic evacuation of drops from power system and the modern pneumatic such as digital speed control pot has enjoyed