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Rotary Packaging, Rotary Air Lock, Air Lift, Air Slide(Open & Close), Elevator, Fan ( Low & High Pressure ), Bag Filter Cyclone, Scrubber, Electro Filter, Circular Screen Separator, Ball Mill, Hammer Mill
Filling Rotary, Rotary Air Lock, Ayrlyft, Ayraslayd closed, elevator, high and low pressure fan, bag filter, cyclone, vibrating screens, scrubbers, electro, ball mill, hammer mill

Manety Accellacota Film Coat Machine, Mixers (Batch&Continues), V Blender, Cone Blender, Ribbon Blender, Vacuum Mixer, Paddle Mixer, Turbo Mixer, Reactor, Tank & Vessel, Extractor, Screw Conveyor, Pan Conveyor & Feeders, Belt Conveyor

Symmetric and asymmetric cone blenders, ribbon blenders, mixers, vacuum, Pdl mixer, turbo mixer, reactor, tank, extractor, Kanvayrhlzvny, Penn conveyer and feeder, conveyor belt

Cement Plants, Liquorices Powder Plant, Egg Powder Plant, Ink Plant, Milk and Milk Powder Plant, Tomato Powder Plant, Fish Powder Plant, Starch Powder Plant Methyl & Ethyl Acetate Plant, Spray Dryer, Spin Flash Dryer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Rotary Drum Dryer, Cabinet Dryer, Falling & Rising Evaporators,

Equipment, cement production line, licorice powder, egg powder production line, production line, printing ink powder, milk powder production line, production line, tomato powder, fish powder production line, production line, starch, methyl and ethyl acetate spray dryer product line dryers, spin flash dryers, Floyd bad

Spray dryer machine

Spray dryer systems in industrial design firm Aria is designed and equipped to a very high rpm to 40,000 rpm Atmayzr with very little friction with the lowest possible ,Cooling system and engine cooling water through the walls Atmayzr Atmayzr method for use in temperatures above 250 ° C and Hmchnn equipped with pneumatic hammers in the body of the loop body to vibration and falling on the glazing powder. Inner ring of the rotary valve is output

Spin Flash Dryer

Aria industrial design company designing and manufacturing of spin flash dryer for powder materials have been doing the cake
The slurry material by the filter press cake in the shape of the cake, then lift to carry the feeder by feeder tank collapsed cakes and then by a screw feeder were installed on the lower body is carried to the feed tank. By the way blades embedded in the feed tank is class with a period of 700 rpm and with a heating furnace warm air into the tank lead indirectly to the comminution of the material., And then is transferred to a filter the powder mesh filter bag and a mesh of 20 microns and above are recoverable

Vacuum Mixer

Our company adopts the plan Farima vacuum mixer for ointments - lotions and creams with removable double boiler for three mixer fitted with the discharge gate - a worm, and built-Turbo. Posted boiler doors Jack elevating and Essence Female Homogenizer are also used in medicine throughout the country.


Aria industrial design firm in various sizes and capacities, stainless steel single - double and triple glazing with remote control reactors digital mixer designed for cooking and mixing all kinds of Pharmaceutical and Chemical. All fabrics are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical plants


Evaporator or other products of our company as film and forced circulation rising to the concentration of low-density fluid and delivering it to concentration under vacuum of 50 percent or more are doing evaporator. Concenterations fluid and the low. Evaporators for concentrated fruit juices so that the high temperatures caused the loss of the original material is not. Concentration of chemicals is whey concentrate form - milk

Drum Dryer

This rotary dryer can be built as used for drying all kinds of chemicals and plants are

Cabinet Dryer

Troll in the dryer racks by one to three within a frame that is designed to indirectly heat the material to be used in pharmaceutical and food intake in different sizes. Is designed and manufactured

Liquorice Powder

The company also experienced powder-making production line including powdered licorice plant is able to visit in the line of licorice in the Kermanshah possible co-ordination previous. Various setup

Full line of methyl and ethyl acetate

The companys line of business processes and chemical Kaveh Adel has experienced and due to the ability and experience to design and build the capacity of these lines has

Egg Powder

After 5 years of testing and research are now able to design and implement a complete line of powdered egg Aria industrial design firm has the product was isolated as either white or yolk mixture. Extraction of the product can be mixed individually and in cosmetic products such as shampoo - the production of wafers and sweets and never used

Filter Press

Aria industrial design firm has three years of experience designing and manufacturing filter presses with different efficiency
This device can be used in different plates.
Plate can be made ​​of polypropylene or aluminum or cast iron it also simplified manner or form or Manual hydraulic design and construction, Aria industrial design company called DSP filter presses thunder Abadan Petrochemical recent experience is composed of 50 pages and automatic hydraulic device is to Polyporvpaylyn