Cautery Tablets

Tablets cautery device design models Mansty 75, 150, 300 and 350 pound perfect color to cover the film on the pill is used in the pharmaceutical industry

It includes cauldron dragee parts made ​​of stainless steel mesh and the electric transmission system in Western Europe and the European Frequency pot for speed control during the first 15 rpm control panel Electroholders is equipped with two pneumatic timing of devices, Programmer for injection, pilot Walter Pystvlt of West Germany, the spray angle and height adjustment lever Pystvltha to the pill for less than the potential capacity of the machine, coating solution supply system with pneumatic or electric mixers, heat exchangers (steam can be used or hot oil), hot air blower fan, fan sucking moist air, digital indicators and tablet accessories include an automatic drain trough and its components

Depending on the order, programmable intelligent control system, power supply system, instead of using Histaltik Perry Pump installed in the intake air filter suitable for clean air and the exhaust air to prevent the departure it is possible to Dust

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The company is ready to announce the installation of Kvtrhay made ​​by foreign companies, including Manesty , Bohle