Egg powder

The company has a strong team capable of designing, building and operating production lines in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral powder is capable of

Understanding the egg powder

Egg powder is widely used abroad. Using egg powder gradually in recent years in the food industry for the preparation of cakes, sweets, porridge, eggs, Qnadyha blends, mixtures, salad and plastic products, Aquatic feed, kill bacteria, producing waxes, compounds, cosmetics, shampoos and other sort of egg products are used as raw material, has increased
The main advantages of powdered eggs, fresh eggs, holding in place for a period of less is more. The quality and more comfortable mixing with other materials is also considerable benefits

Egg powder production line

Automated egg wash first, then isolate the faulty eggs, healthy eggs by Egg Breaker Broken egg whites and yolks separated and the skin is the yolk and albumen in combination or individually to homogenization of the devices centrifuge is transmitted. After the homogenization, pasteurization is done in practice. Then spray dryer system is used to convert liquid to powder. Then cool-down phase and packed in vacuum bags or boxes custom is packaging
It is capable of preparation of all or part of line
According to the order management PLC system and There are accomplishment of Automation