Evaporator, condenser, separator

Technology in the field of heat exchangers, evaporators or Evaporator different types , with plan Rising Film , Falling Film the concentration of liquid

The solution, Suspension or emulsion low concentrations of and bring it to the required concentration, Used
Doping process isnt performed under vacuum at high temperature input to the loss of original material

The high capacity, multi-step routine on this device. Evaporators in the condensed form of concentrated fruit juices, producing milk, whey and a wide range of chemicals, food and pharmaceutical applications

Evaporator for a vapor-liquid system, the condenser and apparatus for separating liquid from the gas separator needs
The companys ability to design and manufacturing evaporators, condensers, separators and extractants pharmaceuticals, chemical plants and various capacities, double rotation steam or hot oil heating coil, pressure or vacuum

Vacuum is able to order the use of programmable intelligent control system

The products of chemical companies just curls, K. chemicals (ethyl and methyl acetate as a full line), agro-industry, Mazandaran, ( PLC ) ,Zagros chemicals, alum Arbor, Glbagh West, Esan tannins and Iran are working