Licorice extract powder production line

Complete line of powder and licorice extract Aria industrial design firm for the first time in 1370 to participate in the Kermanshah Province of West Glbagh Millet Machine Company has established and since then the industry has grown rapidly in
At this time, the overseas company in Arizona, America was founded We have designed a full line of all licensed and certified experts skilled American Licorice done ,Atomizer for the first time in the company of rotary disc was removed,System and spraying nozzle type according to the order, the manufacturer of American pressure 200 times by the pump piston is accomplished by quality powder significantly increased,Export as licorice powder spray dryer made by our company with the highest quality licorice is known worldwide
At present, our company has a good relationship with factories built in the country and equip them with the knowledge, Last licorice plant is currently located in West industry innovators at the factory. Inscription in Kermanshah with the latest methods of industrial production in the world that the government week has Inaugurated effortless