Reservoirs and reactors

Design and construction of tanks, reactors and pharmaceutical extractants, herbal and different chemical potentials, Three and double-glazed, with a steam cycle Or hot oil heating coil and the internal or external Pressure or vacuum, With the condenser and separator, mixer fit with different licenses such as Anchor, Turbine, Turbo, disc and gateway have the arms for the turbulent flow and heat transfer in order to speed up the improvement of Mixing, In order to pass the warm significantly, especially in reactors with external coil, the heating operation speeds

Take advantage of programmable intelligent control system also exist (PLC)

The products of the chemical companies, Kaveh Adel chemical processes, S. Chemistry, Kymysan, Mr. Kavoosi, barking Chemistry Zagros, Iranian Red Crescent Medical logistics industry Parchin and Soha Project 2 and working