Spin Flash Dryer

Spin flash dryer is an ideal device for continuous drying of the cake, slurry or paste that is normally difficult to dry in other devices

Feeding material into a drying chamber is heated by hot air, feed and co-organized by a rotor parts decays.Dried by a fan, sucked by silicon, bag filters, and at best, both, to be collected

The system includes products are produced in organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, ceramics, pigments

The company's ability to design and build a machine spin flash dryer and related accessories in different designs including HOSOKAWA , APV capacity of 5 to 5,000 pounds of water evaporated per hour rate, An open or closed system and roters and different feeders, furnace and air filtration and direct or there could be indirect or PLC. Take advantage of the control system

Actuation of this device is a device for separating solid particles in a fluid filter presses, polypropylene plates by ( P .P ) Cast-iron Or aluminum to form a simple mechanical or hydraulic devices, spin flash dryer is used to produce food cake the capacity and dimensions, is designed and manufactured in the company

The company's machines to produce products such as bentonite, starch, powdered fruit pulp of blood and through the evening in the company of Urmia, Arzynh, Clay alchemy Tehran, Abadan Petrochemical and Chemical Zgrs is working