Spry Dryer

Spray dryer ideal is device for a continuous flow of liquid, powder, with high standard features, including grain size, moisture control, density and shape of the particles

Processes based on pour solution into fine droplets or particles (atomized) and call it the hot air inside the chamber is based on

Each system includes a spray dryer feed pump, Sprayer (Atmayzr), warm air furnaces, air distribution, dryer compartment, separate system of moist air and exhaust air is humid powder

Properties of the powder and food as well as limitations of the maximum outlet temperature required for packing powder continuously, the system is designed

The main advantage of spray drying, drying speed is very high due to the increasing level of crime is extremely high, which makes it possible to dry heat sensitive liquids without thermal degradation provides

This device is used in pharmaceutical, food, dairy, chemical, polymer, ceramic, and is growing by the day

The advantage of the system in order PLC Sprayer various body systems to create vibration in the walls are powder loss also, depending on the system design is feasible

Glbagh products companies in the West, Iran Tannin, Pharmacy Ibn Masvyh, additives, industrial plants of Mazandaran, Isfahan, Rafsanjan rare metals, dye makers, and Dravsazan Median Danak Tehran is working