Types of mixers and blenders

The company design and manufacture of mixers and blenders for preparing pharmaceutical, food, chemical, mineral, is capable in different capacities

Blender, screw blender, double cone blender symmetric and asymmetric vacuum mixer, a paddle mixer and the design process,V ,Among: Ribbon Blender, Jet Mixer and Types of mixers and portable gates , either batch or continuous, The mixing of various materials at different temperatures

If the order can be internal or external heating systems, spray nozzles and nozzles cleaning materials and systems installed with pneumatic or electric power used at VCU

There is also the system design pressure or vacuum
Order to take advantage of the programmable intelligent control system ( PLC)

Healing products in pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical Aria, Sammy maker, Shhdynh Aran, Rdynh, chemical Sinai Cement of Ahvaz, Birch sulfur chemical Zagros crush and chemical adhesive carton Parchin is working